Use a parallel printer cable that complies with the IEEE standard. Setting the paper type for the paper source by using the KM-NET for Clients utility will cause the printer to automatically select the paper source and print in the mode best suited to that type of paper. Operator Panel 9 — Toner Gauge This shows the approximate level of remaining toner. The paper should have as smooth and even a surface as possible. When the value is , the toner container is full.

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See also [ edit ] Printer publishinga person or a company Printer computinga hardware device Optical kyoxera for motion picture films The Moscow subway station Pechatnikiwhose name means “Printers” Disambiguation page providing links to articles with similar titles.

Page 7 Contents Printer Specifications Geben Sie einfach das Installationsdatum ein und lassen Sie sich nach einem Jahr erinnern. The panel consists of four indicators and two keys. Remove the process unit from kyocera mita fs-1010 kx printer kyocers slide the charger knob kyocera mita fs-1010 kx and forth to clean the charger wire.

The selected method will affect the speed at which your print job is produced and may resolve some font printing issues. Adjusting Grayscale Printing from Windows Applications 2. Table Of Contents Contents 1. Paper Click the button next to the pull-down menu on the right side of the screen.

Remove the process unit from the printer as shown in the figure. Install the new toner container in the printer. Form Feed Timeout Printer Environment 1. Toner Container Replacement Take the kyocera mita fs-1010 kx toner container from the bag. Page 8 Introduction The Kyocera Mita page printer has many desirable features, such as EcoPrint function that reduces the power consumption and Auto Media Type Selection function that selects automatically media before kyocera mita fs-1010 kx.

Windows Me oryou can use the similar procedure.


Envelopes must be manually fed. If you are having problems with paper jams, multiple feeds, and faint printing, the paper you are using may be kyocera mita fs-1010 kx thin. Printing from Windows Applications Enter the page range of the document you want to print.

Kycoera the total memory size installed to the printer up to MB Page Page 58 Other Settings Enter the password you want to set in New password. Double click on System. Table Of Contents 3.

Kyocera FS-1010 Operation Manual

Page 2 All rights are reserved. Select and double click Consumable, then click Toner. All rights are reserved. The presence of kyocera mita fs-1010 kx data in the printer memory can be confirmed on the status page printout. To print the whole kyocera mita fs-1010 kx, select All. This mode enables faster data transmission between the printer and the host computer. Don’t show me this message again. Chapter 2 Using The Printer Software Using the Printer Chapter 2 Software This chapter provides basic information that let you learn how to setup the kyocera mita fs-1010 kx and how to install the printer driver.

Maintenance Chapter 3 This chapter explains how to replace the toner container and how to clean parts such as the registration roller and charger wire. Page 31 After reinserting the paper cassette, you should be able to print. The same indicator can have a variety of meanings, depending on the speed Chapter 4 Chapter 4 at which it is flashing. Check that the power of both the printer and the computer is switched off.

Select Search for the best driver for your device. Limp paper can buckle inside the printer, while paper that is too stiff may bind. Error Messages Try adding more memory. Input Tray Click the button next to the pull-down menu on the right side of the screen to display the available paper sources.

Стоимость заправки картриджей в Новосибирске

Disambiguation page providing links to articles with similar titles This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Kyocera mita fs-1010 kx. If the problem occurs only with a specific file or application, check the printer settings for that application. New Toner Container Carefully remove the protective seal orange-colored.


Page of 93 Go. This negative-going pulse acknowledges the koycera character received by the printer. Moisture Content When paper is manufactured, it is kyocera mita fs-1010 kx into sheets with the grain running parallel to the length long kyocera mita fs-1010 kx or parallel to the width short grain. You can change the baud rate, data bits, stop bit, parity, and flow control for the serial interface. Click the Device Settings tab.

The default setting is 30 seconds.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Select and double click Page control, then click Orientation. Paper Selection Chapter 5 Kyocera mita fs-1010 kx chapter explains the following fs1-010 Select Print from the File menu of Word.