I asked a question last month, but nobody replied. I thought that this can be easily changed with a jumper on the burner. When it is ejected, it does not come out at all, except for a slight edge and I have to pull it out with my nails. June 21, at October 10, at August 21, at

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January 28, at Thank you and with your permision, Best regards. As you see, these two teac dv w28e are a little bit different. I have one additional question: August 26, at March 27, at Responsive Theme powered by WordPress.

CD/DVD-RW optical drive

December 20, at 5: May 18, at 2: If you cannot find the part number, find the drive model teac dv w28e and google it. The strange thing is d28e I have no problems with CDs.

October 25, at 9: Not every day, but when you are traveling it is not so handy to care additional external DVD burner with power supply. I was just wondering if the Dell Laptop DVD drivew are different than the teac dv w28e in the pictures as they do not match the connectors on my Dell Latitude!

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August 17, at What do you mean? It is ATA conector.

April 11, at 4: Also, you can use this external drive with teac dv w28e other computer. June 6, at Teac dv w28e really doubt that your problem is related to the drive. Just buy an external DVD burner and use it when you need it. August 17, at 4: Ask about cleaning CD in a local electronics store. Is it a drive tec or not??

Can nobody help me? February 18, teac dv w28e 6: Each laptop has a little black sometimes brown little circular piece that sits in the middle of teac dv w28e optical drive, so that when you place a CD or a DVD into the drive the media will snap securely into place. September 11, at 1: November 20, at Is there a good replacement for this drive, it has the slimline connector and is a slot loader.

Well, I live in Southamerica. Sounds like a problem with the motherboard board to me.

CD/DVD-RW optical drive | Laptop Parts

Probably the laptop not worth replacing the teac dv w28e. Fix registry entry for DVD drive: September 28, at 9: August 1, at 3: I was just wondering if it was hidden or if there was anything you could reccomend for me to do.

Posted in Laptop parts. October 19, at 6: Thank you for any help. How do I clean the lens on my Dell studio lap top. Not sure- may have damaged connector or having a common HP problem with CD not being found due teac dv w28e a registry error. Why did you mention zone 0?

July 27, at 6: On a brand new DVD drive you can change the region up to 5 teac dv w28e and after that it gets locked teac dv w28e the last region you set. I made 2 pictures, and uploaded it, can someone tell me, is this a slim IDE or what? I recently acquired a laptop optical drive to be used in an external case as an external optical drive for a netbook. May 18, at 8: Plz, reply soon on my query. If you are not sure which one is the part number, google any number you can find.