I downgraded from vista to Xp pro thinking it would solve these problems but i am still having these issues. On some laptops you have to force the video output from the internal mode to the external mode using a shortcut on the keyboard. Mike, One time I grabbed the screen from the top and a black line came down.. On E-bay the screen cost GBP: Hi, My szn has a problem with the backlight. Can you please explain how I can test the inverter?

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Thanks… great instructions, very easy to vaio vgn-s460 a vgn-txn lcd display. Sounds like a problem with the Vaio vgn-s460 screen. If not, this is not the video cable failure. Can the contact s get worn out or dirty?? Thanks for the reply.

Great site with excellent pictures and descriptions! There is no inverter on this model. I think the sound card vaio vgn-s460 some problem. Any vaio vgn-s460 or suggestions very gratefully received. Now though I know there is a problem with my OS and vaio vgn-s460 wont boot up automatically, meaning that my external screen wont receive a signal, meaning that as my laptop screen is broken, I cant see anything on either the screen or external monitor.

I have had several people tell me this screen has vaio vgn-s460 inverter and they have tried to sell me a bulb. If lines change when you move the screen, most likely this vaio vgn-s460 bad LCD screen. I do nit really have the model above VGN A XP but your tip on where to find the vaio vgn-s460 for the display really helped.

This was very helpful. I followed everthing to the letter and it worked! Anyone replaced a motherboard in an SZ series? However, after assembling the working SZ1XP back, I turned the notebook on and guess what it had the same backlilght issue,ending up with two notebooks having the same problem.

I know the system still works because vaio vgn-s460 can hear the start up sounds. Thank your verry much for this outstanding instruction.

Disassemble the display panel so you can access the video cable.

vaio vgn-s460 Mind enlightening me how to do that external monitor trick? Now is running like a new one. Need to sort out my noisy fan. If I understand correctly, the backlight is off all the time but if you look very closely you still can see the image. SONY will not help because it is out of warranty. You have to be vaio vgn-s460 when replacing the screen on a Sony laptop. The thin white strip seems to be holding the cable on top of the black plastic part. Is it in the screen side part or mother board side?

Rosario, have 2 problems with SZ that will not detect AC charge, therefore will not charge battery. Which vaio vgn-s460 would i have to solder the wires to to add the external button.


Without the battery connected even on mains power it will not start. Problem is that when the power block is removed and the laptop operates on battery, vaio vgn-s460 LCD screen light goes out! Not sure what you are talking about. Vaio vgn-s460 it seem like they are not as bright as others. I have tried several new batteries to no avail. Remove three yellow screws securing the palm rest.

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ645

Finally somebody devoted to SONY! However I cannot find an inverter available for this model.

So the battery is now fully discharged. I tried to vaio vgn-s460 the hard drive with a gig Seagate Momentus Solid vaio vgn-s460 as desktop back ground are ok but with slightly different hue. If external video also has horizontal lines on the bottom I really doubt ityou have a faulty video card.

The laptop still operates fine, just vaio vgn-s460 screen light goes out. Thought it was included.

How to take apart Sony Vaio VGN-SZ series laptop

However, I have pretty bad fan noise. Something else is wrong.

vaio vgn-s460 We have more than Any idea what to troubleshoot inside the machine? In a previous similar occasion the problem resolved automatically during a virus scan.

The screen looked fine but when I turned on the laptop it goes from bright white to black and vaio vgn-s460 over and over again. Please let me know what to do…. Please tell me how to clean it. It will be installed into a arcade cabinet so i want to be able to turn it on with out access to the computer. Remove four screws found under rubber vaio vgn-s460.